Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Power to the user!

As demand for the use of technology at SPH continues to grow, we're finding it increasingly difficult to meet 100% of that demand. This is why we're making a deliberate effort to put powerful yet easy to use tools in the hands of our customers - you - so that you do not have to be dependent on the availability of SPH staff.
Examples include: high-definition videoconferencing systems, which are almost as easy to use as a telephone; a lecture capture system (Camtasia Relay) that requires pressing an on-screen button at the beginning and end of a recording, with all the rest happening auto-magically in the background; small, digital, HD cameras (Flipcam-style), available for checkout, as a response to the growing number of requests for recording meetings, interviews, class presentations, etc. We hope to continue and expand that trend by adding new tools as they become available.

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